What is a blue duck?

In a world where the yellow rubber duck is the norm, a blue duck stands out. It’s unique. In business, this means doing something exceptional that makes you different from everyone else in your industry.


Many web designers set up your site and leave you to figure out the edits on your own. Or maybe they are going to manage the updates for you, but you can never get a hold of them.

My support is much different. I’m here to help propel your website into blue duck status in your industry. I want to make sure you are completely comfortable with your website. For some that means support and training to show you how to make updates yourself. For others who don’t have time to learn how it all works, it means someone to call (or email) when you want a change made. Either way, I’m here to make managing your website easy.

Are you a blue duck?

…or do you want to be one?

Your business is unique. Maybe you are already a blue duck in your industry. You need a website that represents your positioning. To do that, you need a webmaster that understands your goals and big picture ideas.