How many passwords do you have to recall on a daily basis? Tons, right?!  Every time you turn around, you are on a website asking for a username and password.  We have all tried that one universal password but at some point you run into a website with specific requirements that it just doesn’t fit.  So you come up with a new password.  Before you know it, you have more password variations than you can remember.

There’s an app that has saved me countless hours and I want to share it with you…. it’s called 1Password.   Life changing, I tell you! …. and no, I’m not getting paid to say this!

All of my passwords are locked away behind my one master password.   When I visit a new website and create a login, 1Password will generate a secure password for me (and remembers it!).  Gone are the days of writing down my passwords in a book or trying to create a pattern that I can remember for each website.

Access all of your passwords from your computer, laptop or phone

As a busy entrepreneur, I can’t tell you how much time this has saved me.  I can work on my office computer and save a new password.  When I open my laptop to access this account, it has already synced, filling in my username and password with one click.  Plus, I have the app on my phone so when I’m on the go, I can easily access my passwords.

Never get to your WordPress login page and waste time trying to remember your login!

Save multiple passwords for one website

As a webmaster, I have thousands of passwords to remember.  Every website I manage has a different login.  Managing WordPress websites in particular, I always tell my clients how important it is to have a strong password.  That means random letters, numbers and symbols.  Something you’ll never be able to remember, right?!  1Password saves them all for me.  Plus, when I go to a login screen and click my 1Password button in my browser, it knows which login to use for each website.  On top of that, I can store multiple logins per site.  For example, on GoDaddy, I have my own login plus dozens of client logins that I have to remember.  When I visit GoDaddy, I click the button and choose the login I need from the list.  It’s so easy!

Go now, install it, and never remember another password again.

Here’s a video that explains it in more detail:


I’m a little bummed that they have moved to an annual fee.  When I purchased the app for my computers and phones it was a one-time purchase.  Even with the small annual fee, it is totally worth it!  Here’s the link to their website to learn more and purchase:

I don’t have an affiliation with 1Password and I was not paid to write this article.  I wrote this post to share my favorite time-saving tool with fellow entrepreneurs.

Author: Jennifer Sanderson

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