Spring is here! We are getting some really nice weather in Central Texas with beautiful bluebonnets covering the fields. As you start to think about spring cleaning around your home, I want to remind you of one item for your business that needs your attention too…. your website.

As a busy entrepreneur, I understand making time for your website is tough. It sits out in cyberspace and doesn’t yell for your attention on a daily basis. Tending to the day-to-day operations of your business, the urgent issues get your attention first. Sound familiar?

What if you are losing potential customers because your website is not performing at its best? Would it become an urgent issue that gets your attention?

Your website can be the most powerful marketing tool in your arsenal, but an outdated website could be driving away customers rather than attracting them.

Start fresh this spring by dedicating a few hours each month to your website.

Here’s a checklist to get you started:

  • Correct outdated information.
  • Search for broken links and get them fixed.
  • Add new products or services.
  • Update photos so visitors see the most current image of your company.
  • Test your contact forms. These forms can break over the years if not maintained properly. It’s important to make sure you are getting your leads. Take a minute to send a test and ensure it ends up in your inbox.
  • Re-read your content to make sure there are no typos.
  • Delete spam comments.
  • Remove unused plugins and themes.

Just as we might create a spring cleaning schedule, tackling one task or room at a time, think about approaching your website the same way. Create a methodical plan to get through each page of your website. For larger websites, you might try breaking it up into sections and set time in your schedule to review one section at a time.

Many times your website is the first thing customers see. Within seconds they are making assumptions about your business. Let’s make sure that first impression is a powerful one!

If you need help updating your website, please contact me.

Author: Jennifer Sanderson

I take the frustration out of managing your WordPress website so you can focus on growing your business. My unique approach to website maintenance means you get dedicated one-on-one attention to your website without the cost of a full time employee. Learn More About the Blue Duck Difference