I’m ringing in the new year here at Sanderson Marketing with some exciting new services to help businesses protect and grow their websites.  The past few years have brought new challenges to the web world.  Viruses and malware are becoming a common issue.  I have found that proactively managing your website is an important task that many business owners are overlooking.

In order to amp up my support in this area, I have decided to focus my efforts on building and managing websites.  The creative side of me hates to shy away from graphic design, but my time is getting pulled in too many directions.  I’m excited about this change and looking forward to a great 2017.

To announce my new webmaster services, I sent my clients a little snail mail surprise…. your very own blue duck to remind you to always #beablueduck and some confetti to help celebrate the new year.  Hope everyone has fun popping their confetti!  PS. it does make quite a mess, so I suggest popping it outside or in a co-worker’s space 🙂



Author: Jennifer Sanderson

I take the frustration out of managing your WordPress website so you can focus on growing your business. My unique approach to website maintenance means you get dedicated one-on-one attention to your website without the cost of a full time employee. Learn More About the Blue Duck Difference