Here are some tips on protecting your WordPress (or any type) website.

  • Keep it Current:  Website software companies are constantly pushing out updates to their software.  While it may seem annoying, many of these updates contain patches for vulnerabilities that hackers may target.  It is critical that you keep your website version current.  You can follow me on Facebook and Twitter if you would like updates when WordPress releases new versions.  Don’t have time to keep up with it?  I offer a service that will make the updates for you. Inquire here.
  • Strong Passwords:  Your bank and many other website now have a variety of requirements when creating a password.  Uppercase letter, lowercase letter, symbol, number!  It’s hard to keep up with all of the passwords we have now, but creating a strong password for your website admin area is just as creating that strong password for your bank login.  It keeps unwanted visitors out!
  • Keep Tabs on Your Users:  When you setup employees with a user account for your website admin area, be sure that they are also developing a strong password.  The more users you create, the more risk you create for your website.  Be careful when passing out access to your website!
  • Backup:  Especially if you have several people working on your website content or you allow access to anyone other than your web developer, keeping backup copies is a must.  Backup copies of your website data add another level to your website security as well and are critical in restoring your website if something happens.  Ask about my backup service here.

Author: Jennifer Sanderson

I take the frustration out of managing your WordPress website so you can focus on growing your business. My unique approach to website maintenance means you get dedicated one-on-one attention to your website without the cost of a full time employee. Learn More About the Blue Duck Difference