It’s inevitable, I suppose.  Servers crash, files disappear into cyberspace, we lose service.  We rely so much on technology and machines these days that when they fail, we panic.  I’ve been there – yesterday, in fact.  When a data center goes down, it affects thousands of websites.  But when one of those websites is your own, it seems like the problem can’t be fixed fast enough.

As much as I would love to prevent these crashes from ever happening, I’m realizing after 8 years in the business, some things are beyond my control.  One thing that we can control is protecting your website data.  Just like the data on your computer, your website is made up files that are stored on a server (think big computer).  On our computers, we use antivirus and backup our files (hopefully you do!).  The same preventative steps should be in place for your website.

There are 3 areas that are important….

1 – Update.  Technology is always improving.  Hackers and spammers are finding loopholes in programming, but at the same time developers are working to patch those holes.  Keeping your website programs up to date will ensure that you are not a inviting a hacker in.

2 – Monitor.  Just like antivirus for your computer, monitoring programs scan your website to make sure your site is clean and free from infection.  Having a monitoring service doesn’t always prevent the attack but it alerts us immediately so action can be taken to stop the attack before too much damage is done.

3 – Backup.  Keeping backup copies of your website and all of the files and images associated with your site is critical.  In the event of a major crash, these backups are key to getting your website back to its original state.

These three key preventative steps will give you some peace of mind knowing that your website is protected.  We can’t guarantee that crashes and attacks will never happen, but we can protect our valuable data so it’s not lost into cyberspace forever.

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Author: Jennifer Sanderson

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