Until recently, there were a handful of “web-safe fonts” that you could choose when designing your website.  You were limited to these fonts because they were deemed likely to be present on a wide range of computer systems.  If a visitor to a website does not have the font specified in the design, their browser will attempt to select a similar alternative to display.  This means that if you have a favorite font that you want to use on your website and your visitor doesn’t have that same font installed on their computer, the font would be substituted with something else.  And, you end up losing control over how your website appears from one computer to the next.

Google Fonts for Website Design

Installing google fonts

Thanks to Google Fonts, we now have many more font options to choose from.  Google Web Fonts allows you to choose from tons of beautiful fonts and embed them in your website using the provided code.  This method means that you no longer rely on the fonts installed on a visitor’s machine and you can better control how your website appears.

Take a look at the hundreds of Google Fonts now available.

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Author: Jennifer Sanderson

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