Why are you not on Facebook?  Think that you don’t have time to keep up with social media?  Think it doesn’t matter to your business?  Think again.  Sociability means visibility.  Even if you don’t plan to put much effort into posting status updates or chatting with friends, being visible on Facebook and other social media sites shows that you are staying current with social networking. 

If you haven’t setup your profile yet, start with creating a Facebook account.  Spend a few minutes completing your profile:

1.  Upload a professional photo of yourself.  Keep it professional, no pets or family members if you are using this outlet as a business networking tool.

2.  Write a little bit about yourself in the bio.  Remember to keep this information professional as well. 

3.  Link to your business website.  This is a great way to generate some free publicity and traffic to your website.

4.  Connect with business associates, clients, and vendors.  

5.  WAIT…. Don’t promote your business from your personal account.  You should create a Facebook “Page” for your business and keep your status updates separate from your personal account.  Read more here about Facebook etiquette for businesses.

Author: Jennifer Sanderson

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