With the click of a mouse, you can now send your message to thousands of people more economically than direct mail.  Email marketing, done correctly, can be a very powerful source of marketing for your business. The costs of sending your message to potential buyers is much less than traditional marketing methods, however creating a campaign that generates interest in your product or service is just as critical when sending via email.

The most difficult part of email marketing is creating the mailing list. Spam is a major issue with e-marketing. It is critical that your mailing list only include addresses of people who have “opted in” to receiving marketing messages from you. There are many ways to start developing a powerful mailing list. Here are a few tips for creating an email list.

Tips for Creating a Powerful Email List

  • Got a list of prospects or clients? Send them an invitation to join your email marketing list.
  • Put an Email Newsletter Signup form on every page of your website.
  • Add the link to your sigup form on the bottom of your emails and invoices.
  • Add a checkbox to all of your website forms asking visitors if they would also like to receive emails from you.
  • If your business has a physical location, add a signup form at your desk or register.
  • At events, have postcard size forms requesting contact information and email addresses. Be sure to them know that by signing up, they are agreeing to receive emails from you. Possibly entice people to signup by having a contest or drawing.

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Author: Jennifer Sanderson

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