Finding an available domain name is getting harder and harder.  Many people are surprised to find that their name or company name is already registered to someone else. 

Here are some tips when choosing a domain name for your company:

  • Use your company name dot com.  This is always my first suggestion.  Many people assume that the website address for a company is the  It is not uncommon for new businesses to choose their company name based on what domain names are available. 
  • Use your location.  If your company name is already taken, search for company name + city/location. 
  • Be careful with abbreviations and numbers.  If you are using “Texas” as part of your domain name, people will need to know if it is TX or TEXAS.  If possible, register both variations.  You can forward one to the other so that you don’t loose any potential visitors.
  • Include keywords. If you plan to optimize your website for the search engines, it would be best to do some keyword research before choosing your domain name.  Picking a name that includes keywords can help with your long term search engine visibility.  It is important to know which keywords would bring the most relevant traffic to your website.
  • Make sure it’s easy to say.  Think about telling someone your website address over the phone.  Avoid domains that you will have to spell out letter for letter.
  • Choose .com rather than .net.  Avoid the other extensions such as .biz and .info as your primary address.  Not only does .com look most professional, you will avoid lots of confusion from people who will assume your domain name ends with .com.  If you are worried about someone else competing with your website address, you might want to register the .net, .biz, and .info extensions.
  • Don’t forget to renew it each year.  It can be costly, difficult and maybe impossible to get your domain name back after it has expired.  If you don’t renew your website on time, someone else might grab it. 

Author: Jennifer Sanderson

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